Below you'll find out more about me. More importantly, you'll find my tips for first-time clients on hiring a designer (even if it's not me) and some insight into how the design industry works.

"Leigh has a diverse background including corporate identity, branding, photography, layout, package design, point-of-purchase displays, online advertising, online game design and small-scale industrial design. She has worked in-house, in-studio and as a freelance / contract designer. She is an honours graduate of the York University & Sheridan College Joint Program in Design and has been a member of the Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario."


Something clients aren't always aware of when choosing a designer is that there really isn't a certification for art and creative services beyond the RGD (Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario) or the local accreditation organization in your Province or State. The only way to ensure that you're hiring someone with the real skills to help you pay your bills is to check out their past work (ie. portfolio) and or their education history. Even then, a designer who has a degree may not necessarily have the interpersonal skills to work with you or the creative design style you're looking to add to YOUR portfolio and YOUR business.


Be sure to choose your designer the way you would choose a real estate agent or a family doctor. Art & Design is a professional field and while "taste" is a difficult element to define, there are good and bad designers and right and wrong creative decisions. While some choices are open to interpretation, others are black and white. You've seen the jokes about Comic Sans. There are just as many jokes about "white-space" and typographical pairing (the choice of fonts used together in a layout). With a professional, you'll be able to navigate the world with a better understanding of what works and what doesn't.


I don't adhere to a style

Artists have a style. Designers shouldn't. The difference between art and design is that art is created by an individual to self-express. Design is created by an individual to inspire an end goal, i.e. retain or build subscribers, improve sales and revenue or generate leads in a service industry. 

I don't adhere to a style because I design for a lot of different clients and industries. At the end of the day, my work is not sought after because I create consistent artwork. My work is sought after because my style changes to suit the needs of my client. Consider how divergent the target audience is for a baby soother compared with the target audience for a shaving cream. I have the skills required to create a look and feel for your brand even if you don't find what you're looking for in my portfolio just yet.

Diverse range of experience

I've worked in a variety of different industries and have a diverse portfolio. From kitchen utensils to toy manufacturers, I've done it all. Signage, car wraps, set design, package design, print collateral, entire marketing campaigns and web creative. 

I've got a diploma

I went to school for 4 years to do what I do. Taught by the best at Sheridan College and York University, I've been put through the ringer when it comes to criticism. There's nothing you can say to ruffle these feathers. Be brutal. Be honest. It's a necessary part of the process and I can take it.

Finger on the pulse

I'm on social media. I've even done social media management in the past. I've hashtagged, tweeted, face-booked and if you're interested... I've "pinterested." I keep up to date with what's happening around the globe so that my artwork remains fresh.

I've done the time

I graduated in 2009 during an economic downturn so I've established myself by doing 3 jobs for the price of 1. Copywriter: Done it. Mock-Up Maker: Done it. Photographer: Done that too. Social Media Management: Done that as well... And I love it all.

To see how I manage my own brand, including everything from social media to product design, check out my side business Rustic Hustle.